Disinfectant products, medical appliances

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Disinfectant products, medical appliances

New products Q-Bac4 Disinfectant medical appliances with pH5.5 by developing formulas to be suitable And more efficient for general cleaning and sanitizing in hospitals There are ingredients that are highly effective. Easy to wash, no residue And convenient, save time

How to use

Pour onto medical tools That needs to be sterilized without having to mix a lot of water with a small amount of tools and stains

Recommended products are only for those who want

Q-Bac2W product

Is an antiseptic product that develops formulas appropriately. And more efficient For urgent destruction of bacteria, especially Catheters and other medical devices

How to use

Urgent use of bacteria, especially with Catheters By wiping or soaking for at least 2 minutes


Q-Bac2A product

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